Hey @Tutanota, I have a few questions (and maybe some follow-up questions) as I'm thinking about switching from ProtonMail.

1) I'm concerned about privacy. Should I be worried that Germany is a 14-eyes country? Please be honest here.

2) Do you offer import/export of PGP keys? Example: can I use my key from Keybase with Tutanota?

3) Is there a limit on how many custom domains I can attach to a Premium or Pro account?

4) Do you offer a catch-all function?


@moso Thanks for your questions. :)

1. No. This i no difference than the MLAT for Switzerland. In criminal investigations, authorities work together, but German authorities have very limited permissions under what circumstances they can request what data. You'll find details here.

2. No, we explain here why we do not use PGP:

3. You can add an unlimited number of domains.

4. Yes.

You're welcome!

@Tutanota Thanks for reaching out so fast 🙂

Follow up's:

1) Just an explaination: I don't expect to do anything criminal in the future. I just don't like the idea of anyone snooping in my e-mails. Which has spawned this tinfoilhat-ness 🙂

2) While I trust that your encryption methods are secure, how do a receiver verify my identity? Think public key lookup for PGP.

3/4) Perfect!

@moso 2) Yes, this is missing right now, but we plan to add identity verification.

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