@Tutanota Thanks for reaching out so fast 🙂

Follow up's:

1) Just an explaination: I don't expect to do anything criminal in the future. I just don't like the idea of anyone snooping in my e-mails. Which has spawned this tinfoilhat-ness 🙂

2) While I trust that your encryption methods are secure, how do a receiver verify my identity? Think public key lookup for PGP.

3/4) Perfect!

Hey @Tutanota, I have a few questions (and maybe some follow-up questions) as I'm thinking about switching from ProtonMail.

1) I'm concerned about privacy. Should I be worried that Germany is a 14-eyes country? Please be honest here.

2) Do you offer import/export of PGP keys? Example: can I use my key from Keybase with Tutanota?

3) Is there a limit on how many custom domains I can attach to a Premium or Pro account?

4) Do you offer a catch-all function?



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